New Developer Spuersinn "Joe"

I just completed my 5 rolls of Tri-X using the brand new Spuersinn "Joe" for roll 4 + 5.Take a look at the image below: it is 95% unretouched. Only a bit of sharpening (due to the imperfections of my Scanner) and some minor corrections on the background.

Joe works surprisingly well; I used the suggested 1+6 dilution and developed according to the preliminary manual (6:30 Min., Ilford agitation).
I really like the results. Can´t think of real improvements that might be necessary. So, thank you Spuersinn for giving us photogs some kind of "New Age Rodinal" Happy


Model: Lina-Piel T.
Kodak Tri-X 400@100, Spuersinn Joe (1+6, 6:30, 20°C, Ilford agitation)
Hasselblad 500c/m, Planar 80mm, f9,5,
one single strip light camera right, slightly behind the model